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Ghazi Amanullah Khan City Nangarhar is a registered city (township) with the government of Afghanistan; it is established in the year of 2008 after the approval of the Urban development Ministry and the Cabinet Council of the Ministers, Government of Afghanistan.

Ghazi Amanullah Khan City is located in a very nice, beautiful & secure area on right side of the Jalalabad Torkham main transit highway, just only at distance of  about 15 Kilometers from evergreen city of  Jalalabad  Ningarhar province in total area of 12600000 Square Meter ( 6300 Jerib) land in four  phases, The Ghazi Amanullah Khan City  is the first, the biggest  and the most modern private city  in the history of Afghanistan with having all the necessities of life such as electricity, drinking water system, canalization system, wide asphalt streets, communication systems, mosques,