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Spinghar Vegetable Oil Industry was established in 2004 year in Industrial Area Pul-e-Charkhi Kabul Afghanistan. The Spinghar Vegetable Oil Industry is the first and the biggest private National Company in the sector of edible oil production in the country. The Spinghar Vegetable Oil industry produces the highest quality edible oil, under the strict hygiene & quality control conditions. The superior quality Palm Oil & Palm Olein is being imported for this purpose. The factory has the capacity of producing 400 Tons/day now, and is supposed to be expanded it in the future. The latest automated plastic buckets & cans manufacturing machineries are installed, and all the packages in various sizes are being manufactured of high quality in the factory. Over a period of few years, we have established our self. The spinghar brand is now a household name in Afghanistan. We are reaching homes of all segments fast. We have distributions all over the country. It can be claimed as a pure National brand. Our aim is to serve the society by providing the high quality products and to be part of building a healthy Afghanistan.

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