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ABOUT Najeeb Zarab Limited

Najeeb Zarab Limited with its corporate office in Kabul, regional offices in, Dubai (UAE), Pakistan and main provinces of Afghanistan is one of the leading & well known Afghan private company in the sector of trade and industry in Afghanistan, the company was established decades ago aimed to improve the economy and to play the significant role in the construction and development process of economy by creating job opportunities and generating a healthy and viable long term commercial activities.

Najeeb Zarab Limited imports the highest quality products and durable goods to Afghanistan for his consumers from many renowned world manufacturing companies since decades.

We are exclusive distributors of PZ Cussons an English Company, Racket Bunchier Ltd. an English Company, MRE Ltd. an Indian Company and Reco & GMBH a German Company for Afghanistan and etc.

We import various Medicines, bath soaps, shampoos, lotions, body creams, cosmetics, vehicle tires, German lighting lantern and etc to Afghanistan.

We have distribution centers all over the country.